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Plandaí's new blog is up and running

It was felt that in order to keep our stakeholders up to date with breaking news as it relates to Plandaí and its subsidiaries, rather than send out numerous newsletters, we would have a blog that will be updated regularly. This will enable our stakeholders to keep an eye on the company's happenings, on a more personal level as well as interact via commenting on blog posts etc.

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Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility

South Africa, due to its turbulent history and fledgling democracy is some way behind the rest of the world with regards to companies implementing a strong and sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

At Plandaí, we firmly believe that it is our duty, in line with our credo, to not only benefit from what South Africa has to offer us but to also actively give back to Society and make a social impact, for the better.

Like with any new company, there are always grand schemes and ideas but reality must prevail and even the most ambitious projects have to crawl before they can walk.

With that in mind, Plandaí has taken the decision, through its subsidiaries to ensure that every staff accommodation, when renovated with be powered with solar electricity as well as the geysers being solar powered. This has a twofold benefit:
1. Less impact on the environment
2. Enables the staff to benefit from free hot water and electricity

There are many more programs in the pipeline which will be implemented in the coming months that will benefit our entire stakeholder base.
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Interesting reading

We have introduced a category on the blog, labelled interesting reading. This section will be updated regularly with published data, reports and articles which we feel relate to the work that we are doing as a company as well as our future aims and objectives.
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Rejuvenation commences on Senteeko Tea Estate

who is running the farms?

Leon Doyer (senior management) proudly sitting atop one of the new tractors.

After months of delays and setbacks the rejuvenation project on the Senteeko tea estate finally commenced at the beginning of September. This news was a great relief to the farming team led by Estate Manager Andrew Loughor-Clarke, who commented saying "after months of delays we are finally able to get out teeth stuck into a project of this magnitude that has the ability to the change the way land claims farms are used in South Africa"

Follow the progress of the rejunvenation project on the "blog" which will be updated regularly.

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Processing and Extraction plant

Roger Duffield, CEO, has spent the last 3 months travelling the world to ensure that the best material, parts and engineering minds have come together to ensure success on the first processing and extraction plant of its kind, in the world.

Processing and extraction plant

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