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From the President

The past several months have seen a lot of growth with Plandaí. We’ve met many of our goals and been delayed on others. This recap explains where I see the company presently and sets forth the milestones we hope to achieve over the next six months.

Where we are today –

We currently have about 400 hectares (1,000 acres) of tea that is “harvest ready.” From where the Senteeko estate was two years ago, this is a miracle. The entire estate was overgrown with weeds and bushes and the tea had grown wild. The roads and bridges were in complete disrepair and there was no suitable worker housing.

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Company Snapshot

Our new video provides an overview of what Plandaí is about. Click on the image to go through to our homepage and view the video.

Plandai Overview Video

Shareholder Update

The past few months have seen several highs and lows for Plandaí, leaving many shareholders wondering exactly what is going on. Since January 1, 2014, our stock has seen a high of $3.15 and a low of about $0.12. Most recently, the stock has settled to around $0.50 with average volume around 200,000 shares per day. We field several phone calls a day from shareholders, many of whom ask the same questions. Hopefully, this article clears up some of the confusion.

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Corporate Social ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility

By now most of our investors are familiar with the basics about Plandaí. You’re familiar with bioavailability, you understand we have a unique extraction process, and you know we have an 8,000 acre tea estate with a state-of-the-art production facility on site. You know that we are more than just a biotech company or a bunch of farmers in South African. But what you probably don’t know is that Plandaí aims to be the first multi-national biotech company that operates with a zero carbon footprint.

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Plandaí and Cannabis – What is Our Role?

When Plandaí first announced its intention to produce a Phytofare™ Cannabinoid Extract, we were inundated with phone calls and emails—the majority of which wanted to know when and where they could buy some. Since that time, we’ve read different articles and blog posts speculating that Plandaí is growing marijuana on its South Africa plantation and importing its extract to Washington under the Diego Pellicer brand name.

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“Standards” will be an ongoing conversation within the cannabis industry as we strive to ensure quality and consistency...

Standards for the Cannabis Industry

As of the beginning of 2014, medical marijuana legislation is either in place or set to take effect in 20 states and the District of Columbia...

Cannabis Policies

Clinical Results

We recently announced the positive results from the anti-ageing study using our Phytofare™ Catechin Complex in a Pheroid® formulation which will be sold under the ph²™ brand. The results proved that the ph²™ catechin complex statistically and significantly reduced the signs of ageing in the three of the four areas tested.

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