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Unlocking Nature’s Secrets

Unlocking Nature’s Secrets and Giving Back at the Same Time

By now most of our investors are familiar with the basics about Plandaí.  You’re familiar with bioavailability, you understand we have a unique extraction process, and you know we have an 8,000 acre tea estate with a state-of-the-art production facility on site.  You know that we are more than just a biotech company or a bunch of farmers in South African.  But what you probably don’t know is that Plandaí aims to be the first multi-national biotech company that operates with a zero carbon footprint.

You see, we readily admit that we are exploiting Mother Nature.  We are taking from her vital nutrients in an effort to improve our health and wellness.  Our philosophy is that it is only fair that we give back more than we take, rewarding nature for the benefits she gives us.

To achieve this, we’ve designed the Senteeko facility to be entirely self-contained and “off the grid.”  We have housing for close to 300 workers—all of which is powered by solar energy.  We have a collective farm which grows most of the food consumed on the facility. 

The factory itself is powered by a large boiler that generates steam that feeds the equipment and also provides electrical power.  The boiler is powered by briquettes made onsite from the tea waste and sawdust from a neighboring lumber mill. 

Finally, rainfall in the surrounding mountains feeds our dam, the water from which is used to for irrigation and in the housing.  We are also in the process of fitting a hydroelectric system to the dam which will provide even more clean energy to the facility—and surplus being sold back into the grid. 

With 8,000 acres of lush, living greenery at our disposal, we see ourselves as stewards of an amazing gift.  Our nursery can grow one million plants, which we use to further expand our tea production.  Very shortly, this nursery will start growing lemon saplings in anticipation of our launching the Phytofare™ Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex.  These saplings will be planted in areas that are not conducive to tea production.  Other areas of the farm are set aside for timber production and, in one mountainous area, we are developing a wildlife preserve.

At Plandaí Biotechnology, we are just as concerned with the health of the planet we share as we are with your personal wellness.  Should you ever find yourself in South Africa, we invite you to visit and see for yourself how together we are changing how companies do business.

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