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Community and Social Responsibility
Unlocking Nature’s Secrets

Community and Social Responsibility

Understanding what happened in the past is integral to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated in the present and future.

From the 1960’s to early 2004, the tea industry in South Africa enjoyed relative stability and protection from market prices. That is, until the SADC tariffs were dropped and international tea prices plummeted forcing the South African tea industry to virtually collapse overnight affecting more than 50,000 employees.

Plandaí Biotechnology, through its wholly owned subsidiary’s notarial leases, is undertaking to revive not only the tea estates and other farms but also to empower the local communities who will benefit from employment and education opportunities, thanks to scholarship programs that are being set up to identify and nurture the brightest talent.

Furthermore, the farms, under the management of Plandaí Biotechnology wholly owned subsidiary, Dunn Roman Holdings-Africa (Pty) Ltd will comply with the Global Gap farming regulations.

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