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Foods Rich in Bioflavonoids


There are a good number of easy and practical ways to get bioflavonoids into your system and to reap the benefits of their antioxidant properties. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are, of course, the best choices for a diet filled with these chemicals. Some of the most popular foods that contain them are not that bad tasting either and include red bell peppers or sweet peppers, which contain almost three times as much vitamin C as orange juice. The best way to consume red peppers to get bioflavonoids is in raw form.

Strawberries are also a great option in addition to other types of berries. Strawberries seem to provide you with the most flavonoids. This is also why many researchers claim that berry based wines and other derivative foods are also rich in bioflavanoids. You can also consume citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes. Peaches, nectarines, oranges and other vitamin C rich fruits are also great options and are filled with bioflavinoid super antioxidants. You will also find that more exotic fruits, like mangoes and papayas are rich sources of bioflavonoids and other nutritional elements.

Vegetables sources include broccoli, which also has a lot of vitamin C and other crucial vitamins. Broccoli is best served raw. You can opt for Brussels sprouts, which are packed with nutrients and are perfect additions to any meal as a vegetable. Not great for the breath, but wonderful for the body, garlic not only has a rich supply of bioflavinoids, but is also anti-inflammatory and is seen as a "healing food". Spinach is also a rich source of bioflavanoids and you will find this vegetable rich in various anti-oxidants. You can replace boring lettuce with spinach or add it to a sandwich to ensure you get your daily fix of anti-oxidants and healing foods.

Lastly, teas cannot be left out of the list of bioflavinoid-rich "foods". Green tea as well as other tea varieties have a lot of extremely powerful chemical aspects that will help you maintain good health. Opting for tea instead of coffee is not a bad health choice, especially in the morning when you need to wake your body up.


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