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Benefits of Green Tea Extract


Green tea extract has been proven over and over again to have a great number of health benefits in store for you and is the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet. First of all, it assists with weight loss because it contains ECGC which limits the effects of a fatty diet as well as smoking. If you consume green tea extract you will enhance the thermo genesis process which will increase the metabolism of fat in your body but not increase your heart rate. Thus you will get the weight loss benefits without constantly feeling anxious and dizzy. If you drink a beverage with the extract, you will feel full faster, will burn calories quicker and will not eat as much.

This extract can also help prevent tooth decay, because it has the ability to destroy bacteria that causes plaque. If you want to reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure, green tea extract is what you should turn to. It lowers the LDL cholesterol that clots blood and will lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks. It can also enhance HDL cholesterol production which ultimately eliminates plaque in arteries and keep arteries elastic. Lowered blood pressure means people with hypertension will suffer less.

Green tea extract fights cancer due to its antioxidant richness. ECGC kills cancer cells and will prevent them from growing. Breast, bladder, lung, skin, pancreatic, liver, prostate and stomach cancer have been known to be prevented and tempered by this extract. It will also decrease inflammation for arthritic patients and will help reduce pain they feel in the joints.

Patients who consume green tea extract have significantly lowered blood sugar levels because polyphenols in the extract reduce amylase (the enzyme responsible for converting starch to sugar) produced in the body. You can thus keep your diabetes under control by consuming it and even prevent toxins from entering the liver and causing liver disease. You can slow the aging process by consuming green tea, as well as fight various types of infection (like respiratory and digestive). Green tea extract can increase metabolism, avoid headaches, reduce stress and even boost your immune system.


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